Weight Loss Spa – A Relaxing Way to Lose Weight


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The desire to lose weight and attain one’s dream figure is highly prevalent today.

There is an astonishingly huge amount of people trying every possible technique, tip and diet plan to shed off extra fat and be slim and smart. But with so many endless advice and diet plans one gets confused about the right and most effective choice.

Some people end up carrying out diets that make them gain weight rather than losing it while others may fall for the gimmicks and try a fast weight loss program which is more water than fat.

Proper and strict diet, exercise and training, enough sleep – they are all highly necessary for lasting and efficient weight loss. However, have you ever considered having a spa to lose those extra pounds?

Perhaps there are more advantages to a relaxing spa than mere calmness and delight.

While other activities often require strenuous effort or great patience and will, spa is a very relaxing and soothing way to lose weight effectively. What better way than this to get that perfect figure you so badly wanted?

You won’t be required to put any effort, make meals with exotic ingredients, indulge in difficult activities or exhibit extreme patience.

All you have to do it sit back, relax and enjoy. What’s not to love?

Phen375 Reviews brought together these very useful spa activities and routines which will give you the best of both: relaxation and weight loss.

  1. Cool Sculpting

This activity is carried out by using a cooling applicator which freezes the fat cells beneath pudgy areas in the body. This helps remove the pudge and make your body fit and slim.

The areas on which this treatment is mostly used are stomach, back and thighs. This treatment costs around $1,700 which is not a very high amount as compared to the benefits it reaps. Furthermore, it only takes one hour after which you will leave the spa with fat cells frozen and a beautiful figure.

  1. Vela Shape II

This calming massage is paired with radiofrequency and infrared light. The purpose of this highly technological treatment is to shrink fats from your body. This treatment specifically focuses on your thighs, upper arms and abs.

This service is extremely efficient and quick and reaps amazing result in just 20 to 40 minutes. It is claimed that after this short period of time around one inch gets removed from all the pudgy areas of the body.

Ranging from an affordable $300 to $600, dependent on the area of the body you want the treatment at, Vela Shape II is a highly successful and preferred spa treatment to get rid of extra body fat.

  1. Swimming Body Wrap

This activity will provide you an experience exactly like what spa promises. Best Diet Pills for women

Bandaged in mineral-soaked clothes and covered with a warm and heated blanked, this treatment helps lose around six to twenty inches of body fat from different pudgy regions of the body.

It comes at an affordable price of $200 and takes about 1 hour – an hour after which you will leave with a sexy figure. However, it isn’t as heavenly as it sounds.

The issue with this treatment is that it helps in temporary weight loss only because it relies mostly on the loss of water. This means that after a day or two if you drink sufficient water again you will be gaining back the lost weight.

Nevertheless, the importance of this method for instant weight loss cannot be denied.

Besides these highly popular spas, other effective ones include:

weight loss swimming

  • Pressotherapy
  • Far Infra-Red Therapy
  • Lipoflush

All these either remove body fat or water to shed off pounds. However, these treatments must be carefully considered beforehand as dehydration or instant weight loss can lead to severe medical conditions as well.

Many people are attracted towards these spa treatments for weight loss because of the immediate and impressive results they yield.

There is only relaxation and no efforts or hard work for losing weight in spa treatments. On the surface level, these diet strategies are very effective and fruitful.

But the catch is that the weight loss is more usually only temporary and gets back on after some time.

The laser treatment might help in removing some fat from the body but it is soon regained if proper diet is not followed alongside. Therefore, it must be kept in mind that a spa treatment is not exactly a substitute for a proper diet, exercise and training.

One must be extremely regular and dedicated throughout the course of diet to see lasting and healthy effects on the body.

Also, it must not be forgotten that the crux of any diet is the change in behavior to strictly control your diet. Unless one perfects this, he or she might not be able to lose weight healthily or lastingly.