4 Ways To Lose Weight With Water

Weight loss is like the thing of the century. Everywhere you look, you’ll find people desperately seeking out ways to lose a pound or two in just days. From heavy workout to strict dieting to taking supplements like Phen24, they do it all. What when they don’t get the results they’re looking for, they get disappointed and quit everything they’ve been doing. Perhaps what they don’t understand is the actual process of weight loss and the body composition. Understanding these two crucial factors and how they work with each other will help greatly in many ways. For instance, not all weight in the body is due to the muscles. There’s water in the body that also adds up to your weight, the fat, organs etc.

Since there is water already in the body, can drinking a lot of water actually help you lose weight? Many have their doubts but the answer would have to be yes. Water can help in weight loss greatly, which is a huge surprise but that’s the truth. When you drink a lot of water, it will help increase the body metabolism, help in suppressing your appetite, and cleanse the body. It washes away the unwanted toxins in the body so that you remain healthy. Moreover, the more water you drink, the more your body won’t retain water. This leads to more weight loss. read more how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks

Now that we’ve made it clear that water can actually help in the weight loss process, let’s take a look at 4 effective ways that are winner techniques for it.

  • Drinking Water An Hour Before Meals

It is a great idea to drink water before you eat. Water acts like a suppressant; it makes your tummy seem fuller so you won’t have much desire to eat a lot let alone the regular quantity. The less you eat the fewer calories you will get. There are many studies that have proven that a glass of water before meals will help in the reduction of 75 calories intake a meal. Now you can do the math yourself.

It’s better to take water an hour before but half an hour is preferable too. So as long as you drink it before the meal, you won’t be eating much and that’s the actual goal.

  • Replace Energy Drinks Full Of Calories With Water

Energy drinks, smoothies, shakes can be great beverages but they are full of unwanted calories. Unlike water that has no calories at all, beverages will surely stock up your body with calories you’re already trying to get rid of.  Therefore, it would be wise to ditch sodas, soft drinks, smoothies, energy drinks, and juices and replace all of them with water. If you really want to lose weight, you will have to make this change.

Drinking plain water can sometimes be too boring. You can always add a slice of lemon to make it taste a little better. And for those of you who don’t know, lemon and water is a great weight losing combo.

It might seem boring but giving up those fatty, sugary drinks just for a few weeks will show the results you’ve been meaning to see.

  • Taking Water When Its Ice Cold

Many of you might think it’s a little crazy but ice cold water can also help lose weight. In fact, studies have shown that drinking ice cold water will help boost your metabolism. How? Well, when you drink chilling water, your body will have to warm it up and to warm up icy cold water, the body will need to work twice as hard. The harder your body works the more calories it will burn in the process. Ultimately, you’re losing weight. Plus, it’s not much fun drinking water that’s room temperature. Icy cold water can be more refreshing.

  • Work Out At The Gym

Now that you’ve been drinking lots of water, your muscles will stay lubricated, therefore, you won’t get cramps and you will be able to work harder and longer at the gym. Moreover, drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated even with the entire heavy workout.

These winning combos that involve water, weight losing supplements like Phen24 and the proper diet. There’s no way on earth you won’t lose weight effectively and within a short period. You just need to stay put on your routine, have faith and see the magic for yourself.